All Corporate Design Screen Editorial
All Corporate Design Screen Editorial


Brand development

You want to sharp or redefine your brand? Together we analyze & develop your brand identity. A better positioned brand adds value to your business. It communicates your key messages and brings the benefits of your offer to the point. An authentic brand creates trust. It increases the awareness for your product offering.
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Concept development

You are looking for new solutions for your project? Together we develop analytically creative ideas & strategies. An innovative concept opens up new economic opportunities and strengthen your market position. gooder will advise you both for individual concept components as well as for your overall concept! We attach great importance to the consideration of economic, ecological and social aspects.
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Concept development (possible consulting topics)

Clients & target group

We work radically user-centered. The more accurately your offer is tailored to the target group the more attractive is it.

Customer problem

If you know the problems of your customers you can solve them more efficiently and creatively. What problems do your customers have?

Problem solving & offer

Create an irresistible offer by solving a customers problem!

Market advantages

With unique features you differ yourself from your competitors. What makes your offer special?

Revenues & costs

To discover creative sources of income and minimize your own costs are the key to success.

Marketing & Akquisition

To make your concept a functioning business the right sales and marketing channels are very important.


Depending on budget & costs we develop individual funding ideas.

Ecology & Social

The environmental and social impacts of your business are important for sustainable and fair concepts.

Brand development

An authentic brand creates trust and increases the awareness for your offer. What values ​​should your brand represent?



Eine authentische Marke schafft Vertrauen und steigert die Aufmerksamkeit für ihr Produktangebot. Welche Dienstleistungen & Produkte bieten Sie an?

Marktvorteile & USP’s

Durch Alleinstellungsmerkmale grenzen Sie sich von Konkurrenten ab. Was macht ihr Angebot besonders? Welche Vorteile soll der Kunde aus ihrem Angebot haben? Was sind ihre Alleinstellungsmerkmale? Welcher Wert wird geschaffen?


Wenn Sie ihre Vision kommunizieren, können sich Menschen besser mit ihren Zielen identifizieren. An was glauben Sie? Warum machen Sie das, was Sie machen? Welche großen Ziele verfolgen Sie? Welche Anliegen haben Sie?


Marken sind wie Menschen. Welche Charaktereigenschaften soll ihre Marke besitzen? Welche Grundwerte soll ihre Marke kommunizieren?


Je genauer Sie ihre Zielgruppe kennen, desto besser kann sie angesprochen werden. Welche Ziele sollen bei welcher Zielgruppe erreicht werden? Wer sind ihre Kunden?


Gute Markenkommunikation besteht schon immer aus Geschichten! Welche Geschichten können erzählt werden? Was könnte der emotionale “Trigger” sein?


Über assoziative Querverbindungen lässt sich das Markenimage anschaulicher definieren! Welches Auto wäre ihre Marke?, welche Stadt?, welche Musik?, usw…


An dieser Stelle entwickeln wir ihre individuellen Kommunikationsziele! Welche Kernbotschaften & Marktvorteile sollen in welcher Form kommuniziert werden?


Zusätzlicher Mehrwert schafft positiven Nutzen für ihre Kunden. Welchen zusätzlichen Mehrwert können Sie schaffen? Wie können Sie sozialer, nachhaltiger & transparenter agieren?

Brand workshop (possible consulting topics)


An authentic brand creates trust and increases the awareness for your product offering. What do you offer?

Market advantages & USP’s

With unique features you differ yourself from your competitors. What makes your offer special?


If you communicate your vision, people can better identify with your targets. What do you believe in?

Brand tonality

Brands are like people. What characterizes your brand?

Target group

The more precisely you know your audience the better you can activate them. Who are your clients?


Good brand communication has always consists of stories! What stories can be told?


Through associative cross-connections the brand image can be defined more vividly! (e.g. which car/animal/etc. would be your brand?)

Communication goals

Together we develop your individual communication goals! What key messages and market advantages should be communicated?

Added values

Added value creates positive benefits for your customers. Which additional value can you provide?

consulting & workshops

We offer both individual lessons and one or multi day workshops. We would be happy if you tell us about your brand or concept! Please write to us an email or call us. Together we find the most effective form of consulting and creative solutions for your project.

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