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Unesco City of Literature Heidelberg

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Unesco City of Literature Heidelberg

Idea, concept, creative/art direction, editorial design

Heidelberg applied officially for “Unesco Creative City of Literature”. Together with “Kontext Kommunikation” we realized the idea, the concept and the design of the application.

Heidelberg has a long humanities-oriented and literary tradition. Furthermore there is a high publisher’s density and a flourishing creative culture with a lot of students and young people.

The connection of these two levels makes up the starting point of our visual concept. We created a printed journal which plays with classic and modern elements. In the publication we operate on the contrast of different fonts, a flexible raster and a conspicuous special color that causes a high recognition factor. An alphabetic record helps to get quickly one’s bearings.

In November 2014 Heidelberg was admitted as “Unesco City of Literature” in the international circle of cities of literature! We congratulate sincerely and share Heidelberg’s happiness and that of all literature creators.

You can find and read an e-book version of the application under

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