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Menschen in Heidelberg

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Menschen in Heidelberg

Idea, concept, illustration, book design

The book „People in Heidelberg“ is a further contribution of our studio to the application of the city of Heidelberg as “Unesco Creative City of Literature”. The book is a collection of 30 persons who shaped Heidelberg literarily.

Our concept puts the accent on the people. The design accentuates the humanistic and the “warm” character of the city. We created drawn illustrations of people to design this book emotionally and appealingly. We chose a serif font for the design to make humanity apparent by through the font.

The book conveys in a playful manner how it is to get to know a person. A short text and an illustration present each human. If you open the perforation of the pages it is possible to pay attention with human beings in a closer way. The view on them changes forever.

The book met a great approval concerning the application committee. Unfortunately there is a lack of financial resources to realize the project to this day. If you want to publish this book write us an e-mail to:

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