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All Corporate Design Screen Editorial

gooder is a design and consulting studio in Berlin. We develop your modern and individual brand, website, branding and marketing strategy. We focus on innovative, creative and sustainable projects. Ready for change?


gooder – studio for creative change
Stefan Schwark, Designer B.A.

Prenzlauer Allee 36 H
10405 Berlin
T +49 (0)30 89647595
M +49 (0)172 9035740

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We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of designers, programmers, illustrators and entrepreneurs.

Stefan Schwark / Sara Krieg / Andreas Wundersee
Stefan Schwark

Stefan Schwark

Designer, B.A.

Gründer: Creative director,
entrepreneur, photographer

Stefan works for more than ten years self-employed in the field of design & conception. Furthermore as a freelancer he supported different well-known studios and clients. Stefan is the founder, brand architect & “creative head” of gooder. He is in charge of the fields design, concepts and consulting. Besides he conceives & establishes start-ups which support creative change…

Sara Krieg

Sara Krieg

Designer, B.A.

Graphic, illustration

Sara is a certified graphic designer & graduated communication designer. She worked in several design studios as designer and illustrator. Now she provides design and artistic talent to gooder. She is in charge of graphic design and illustration.

Andreas Wundersee

Andreas Wundersee

Kunsthistoriker, B.A.


Andreas studied history of art in Heidelberg. He is both a freelance artist and web designer & -developer. He supports the gooder team by programming and converting websites and digital contents.


Andreas Wundersee – Kunst + Event,  Atelier Art isst,  Bobby Junior,  Design PF,  DMBO,  Gideon Sound,  Hope you help,  Kontext Kommunikation,  Literaturstadt Heidelberg,  mainfrankenSolar,  New Energy Base,  On/Off Design,  Read,  Sara Mirjam,  Stefan Schwark Photography,  Step`n & Standard,  Studio ohne Zucker,  Telefunken Solar,  V & P,  Vyzor,  ...

Jobs / Network


We are always looking for talented & professional creatives. Especially in the fields design, illustration & photography we are looking for extraordinary portfolios. Please send them to:


We are embedded in a network of photographers, consultants, movie-makers, developers, etc. If you would like to work with us (or like to suggest a common project) please send a message to:

Social projects

Together with our clients we support social projects by donating money. We discuss individually which project we like to support in which amount…

We support the following projects:
Kinderhilfe Tansania / United for Hope
Kinderhilfe Tansania

Kinderhilfe Tansania

Education is the key to success. In accordance with the Tanzanian proverb the main emphasis of the children’s relief organization in Tanzania is put on giving possibilities to children and teenagers to create an independent life by learning. A well founded basic education enables the access to qualified jobs, opens good prospects to escape the daily struggle to survive and represents the basis that people could help each other on one’s own authority.

United for Hope

United for Hope

United for Hope is a non-profit empowering India’s rural poor through a holistic and economically sustainable “model village” strategy. In partnership with local communities and local government, United for Hope organizes resources and projects to improve access to basic infrastructure such as clean water, sanitation, clean energy and education, as well as developing the economic conditions for sustainable living.


Why gooder?

gooder is our passion. We love design, well-thought concepts and sustainability. We love to create things with meaning. We love to support other people living their vision – to make the world a better place. Ready for change?

Why should I become a client of gooder?

gooder works actively for creative change. By individual & minimalist design (“less but better”) we increase the attention of your project. We also offer workshops to make your brand or concept more innovative & sustainable.

Our creative team with long-term experience in design, brand and concept development will support you by realizing your project!

How does gooder work?


gooder works both analytical and creative. Before we begin with your design or brand development we are doing a specially developed communication analysis. We define what is unique on your project & differs you from the others. We use these results as the basis of our design concept.

With a precise definition and strategy we can create a highly individual and special design that communicates exactly what you want to communicate.

In addition you can use the results of the communication analysis for further marketing and communication actions.


We offer both individual lessons and one or multi day workshops.

Before each consultation we discuss your aim goals. Then we will decide together whether it makes sense to hold individual sessions or a single or multi-day workshop.

Feel free to say hello. Together we find the most effective form of consulting and creative solutions for your project.

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How do gooder define “sustainability”?

In corporate context “sustainability” is connected more often with “greenwashing”.

“Acting sustainable” has for us the aim to preserve the well-being of future generations!

On the one hand this should be achieved by improving the status quo by push ecological innovations. On the other hand all thoughts should be considered with economic, environmental and social aspects!

What does gooder to act more sustainable?

NACHHALTIGE KONZEPTE: Together with our clients we develop creative sustainable concepts. Thus we act as a multiplier for sustainable change.

100% GREEN ELECTRICITY: We run our office with really green electricity from 100% german hydropower by Polarstern. Really green electricity carries the green electricity label, is certified by TÜV and was rated with “very good” by Ökotest. In addition it convinced us that we promote as a Polarstern customer the energy revolution not only in Germany but also worldwide. On the one hand we allow each year a family in Cambodia to access their own micro-biogas plant and on the other hand Polarstern invests for every consumed kWh in the development of renewable energy in Germany.

SUSTAINABLE & SOCIAL BANK: We entrust our banking transactions to the sustainable Triodos Bank. This bank supports meaningful projects while acting socially, sustainably & transparently.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIALS & PAPERS: We place importance on sustainable & fairly produced products. The majority of paper & office materials originates from FSC certificated sources (best with “Blauer-Engel” signature)

PRINT SHOP & PRODUCTION: In the print production we pay attention, as far as possible, to sustainable print conducting & print materials. We use predominantly recycled paper with environment signature (FSC, Blauer Engel) & print colors free of mineral oil.

BUSINESS TRAVELS & MEETINGS: We use, as often as possible, public transport to arrange meetings sustainably. If we have to fly we compensate our flights with “Atmosfair” and therefore we travel carbon-neutral.

How does gooder define “innovation”?

gooder believes that innovation in the first place arises from the recombination of what already exists. The common concept of innovation is too much focused on “the next big thing” or the brilliant breakthrough. Through meaningful conceptual & design improvement, sustainable changes can be achieved.

Nevertheless we don`t exclude disruptive innovation. ( disruptive innovation creates something completely new with unprecedented features and functions) Disruptive innovation is much more capital-intensive and time-consuming and usually associated with more risk.

If you are interested in innovative concepts, you can inform yourself about our concept workshop here:

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By which ideas and basic values is gooder inspired?

– to change society active & creatively
– to strobe the change in values
– to support sustainable consumption
– fair and honest communication
– to think and act economically, ecologically & socially
– to inspire and support positive values
– to connect style with substance
– to contribute to public welfare
– social responsibility and profit work well together
– everyone can improve something with small contributions
– to connect esthetics & ethics

What’s the charge for our performance? Are there package prices or discounts?

We calculate after the AGD funding collective agreement for designer. One hour costs 78€ net. When you book whole packages or draw on several services we also calculate fix prices. We offer packages with individual special prices & discounts.

What’s the charge for consulting & the workshops?

A consultation hour costs € 78 net. If you would like to book several consultation sessions we make you an individual offer.

For our workshops we charge our day`s rate. Before we start a workshop we will discuss your individual aims. Together we determine how many days are suitable. Usually after the workshop there is a post-process. Typically our workshops take one to five days. Feel free to ask us.

Are there special prices for social companies & non-profit organisations?

We grant special prices for social companies, social entrepreneurs, associations and non-profit organisations. Please feel free to call us or send us an email.

Feel free to say hi

Are there start-up packages?

We offer individual & special packages to support positive & sustainable start-ups. If you are interested in an start-up-package please feel free to contact us.

Feel free to say hello

Can you inspire gooder for mutual projects?

Absolutely! If you want to suggest us a mutual project call us or write an email. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Feel free to say hello